Three Week No-Cost Test Drive Enrollment Form For

Master of Recessionary Income Generation
13-Month Mentoring Program

YES, absolutely, Jay.  Count me in for your three week, no-charge, test drive offer of your experimental, new mentoring program for people like me, eager to master the very best ways of generating multiple income streams in a bad economy --- without investing a cent!

I understand that I'll be experiencing two full, 90-minute mentoring sessions in the trial three week period.  You'll treat me just like someone who has signed on for the full thirteen month program.

In those first, no-cost sessions, I'll learn where the best, easiest, "low hanging fruit" type opportunities exist --- AND the simplest way to quickly mine them.  I'll also learn where the most immediate profit-boosting leverage points exist in just about any business out there I want to tap into.

I'll also be taught a fundamental mindset that focuses on building certainty and confidence for what I'll be doing.

In addition, you'll help me start forming an action vision plan to focus my recessionary income generating activities around. 

All this will occur in my no-cost, first two "Test Drive Sessions" with you, Jay.  You'll use these first two mentoring sessions to help motivate, encourage, inspire and show us it's really possible to achieve many different sources and streams of income during a bad economy --- the key here is to follow the right strategy and game plan.  You'll prove it's easier to do this NOW, than it was in boom times by mining all the great possibilities Jay gave me on the discovery session I just listened to.

Within 72 hours of signing up for a "trail mentorship" participation, I'll also be immediately issued a private password "access code" to the amazing 2,000 page Prosperity Resource Vault Jay has created to provide all the support, guidance, confidence, certainty and skill-building needs I may possibly require.

But that massive resource vault is only a small portion of the immense reference and study support collection I'll receive as a full participant.

I'll be receiving a 400 page written course on Joint Venturing.  A 13-hour audio course on Power Partnering.  A six CD set on creativity.  A DVD that teaches me to become more authoritative, powerful, prominent and persuasive -- and successful -- in all the transactions I ever do.

I'll also receive a manual titled Your Secret Wealth that teaches me a more "opportunistic" possibility based mindset.  I'll receive nearly 1,500 pages of highly detailed, extremely well defined, fully explained illustrated examples with instruction on how to master all the various marketing techniques, concepts and strategies you will be teaching me over the course of the 13 month program.

I'll get a four part audio course on Bartering My Way to Prosperity.  I'll get a 12 session set of simulated private consultation sessions with you, Jay; to clearly show me how to model many of the best concepts you share on the mentoring sessions.  This set contains almost 336 specific examples, illustrations and case study success stories I can learn from.

PLUS, you'll add more surprises as the program progresses to make the process as easy, "doable" and successful for me, as possible.

At the end of my three week "Test Drive Period," I can chose to continue (and stay) in the program for the next 12 months --- or withdraw on the spot and I'll owe you nothing.

I understand I do need to provide a valid credit card to you when I enroll for the Test Drive Period -- to prove I'm sincere and for you to hold in "good faith," in case I don't properly return all the physical materials you send me during the trial period, IF I withdraw -- and to use for future billing -- once, and if I decide to stay in the program for the full, long-term pay-off it promises.

If I'm as impressed as you say I'll be with that first three week "try-out" experience, I'll enthusiastically stay in the program and you'll merely bill my credit card, monthly, at the beginning of every month, starting in month two, for the modest amount of just $350 a month.  

I recognize that I'm receiving many times more value in the permanent resource collection -- alone and that each 90-minute mentoring session with you, personally, Jay, has a "street" value of $7,500.  So I'm getting well over $150,000 worth of access, instruction, expertise and intellectual property in this deal --- if I stay in the program for a modest investment of less than 3% of that total value.

To make the proposition even more attractive, I'm welcome to pay my participation fee in one single installment --- AFTER I decide to remain in the program --- and receive a discount of $450 more -- it's totally my choice, after I try out those first three weeks.

But, I don't have to do anything right now, but experience two, full mentoring sessions with you, Jay.  I'm free to dive into as much of the reference and resource materials as you send me out right now --- Then, Ill fairly judge you --- and your program on how well it performs during my trial period.

Also, even though I prefer participating live on the two 90-minute mentoring calls, I'm pleased to know that if I have a scheduling problem with (or may come late for) either of the calls, they will be archived on my mentorship vault for re-listening and downloading.  That means I can review each session as often as I want or need.

On that "Better Than Risk Free," highly enriching, no-downside whatsoever --- irresistible proposition, I can't possibly say "no." 

So --- please --- enroll me in the program with the clear understanding that I'm welcome to call your office and cancel right after session two, and as long as I return all the materials to you properly (in good condition) -- I'm welcome to withdraw and you'll never charge my credit card a dime.

Sorry, Jay Abraham's Masters of Recessionary Income program is sold out.


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